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Villages of Green Valley Inc.

400 W. San Ignacio, Green Valley, AZ 85614 USA

ph: (520) 625-9851 / fax: (520) 399-3436

Business Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9am - noon, until 9/15/19

                                               9am -2pm, beginning 9/16/19

Villages Overview

Villages Homeowners Association (HOA)


The Association is comprised of all the property owners in the Villages. The Association elects a Board of Directors that is representative of Association members and is empowered to conduct the affairs of the Association.

Social Activities in the Villages


Social activities of various kinds are  on going throughout the year. These social activities are organized by volunteers to encourage resident participation, enhance individual well being and develop a sense of community.

Latest Villages News


The latest news that is relevant to the Villages is available here. 

Nature Trails in the Villages


A comprehensive set of hiking trails within the Villages proper is under development. These trails utilize common areas that had essentially returned to natural desert making them inaccessible to most homeowners.

Calender/Schedule of Association and Social Events




Two newsletters are published each month during the 'season', typically Oct thu April. The Clipboard is published by the Association and covers Association business matters. The Village Voices covers social matters and news.

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